Bayini transforms your business requirements in addictive solutions, which your customers, partners and customers will want to use as the most effective and meaningful way to interact. We work close together on all aspects to create the best solution that fits your business requirements.

Enterprise App

Developing Enterprise Applications from idea to finished solution. We provide a full service for Enterprise App Development.

Solution Management
and DevOps

A good Solution is one that is managed. We managing complex systems that encompass both infrastructure and software.

Branding and
Digital Marketing

Get noticed and attract user to your company and products. It all starts with the proper online and mobile presence.


Not sure what your next Enterprise Solution needs? We can help from ideation to defining the actual requirements for your Solution.


We can help you with any User Experience challenges you might have with existing solutions and/or future solutions.


Good looking and effective design is a joy to users and will help the adoption, retention and happiness of the users.

Mobile first Approach

BAYINI is a Full Service Mobile Application Development company and leaves no stone unturned, no option untouched to deliver you the best services and solutions and not limited to mobile only.

We firmly believe in a mobile first approach to take the next steps with your business. People now spend more time on mobile devices than they do on their computers. Not having a mobile first strategy in designing your new services and solutions will make you lose reach and alienate your customers and users. But Mobile first does not replace the other channels and your solutions and services should cover the full range; Mobile Application, Web Site, Social interaction, etc.

Bayini understands this new landscape and always works on providing our services and solutions to cover this full landscape ensuring you get the most out of your refocus towards mobility first.

Focus on Quality

We design and develop mobile business applications, meaning we believe you always should be able to achieve a positive return on your investments in your Mobile Solutions and Services in a short period of time. This includes generating a higher revenue through the sales of applications, driving higher sales through the successful adoption of mobile applications or reducing cost by streamlining your mobile business processes which results in more efficient work flows.

It doesn’t matter if the end result is a game, a productivity tool, a mobile store or a content distribution solution, or any other B2E*, B2B* or B2C* application. We always gather the best and certified resources around our projects and ensure your Applications meet the criteria that are set for the various Platforms**.

* B2E – Internal Employee Applications, B2B – Business-to-Business Applications, B2C – Consumer Applications
** Currently only BlackBerry has an official program to recognize quality and talent through Built for BlackBerry and BlackBerry Builders.