New Roads, New Empires. Why Mobility matters so much.

Humans have evolved not only through genetics, but the last 10.000 years for a greater part through their inventions. One of their most important inventions that brings great change and new prosperity is creating better infrastructures.

One of the earliest documented examples of this is in the Euphrates/Tigris ta, where humans started using ‘boats’ on the rivers to transport goods between cities. By being able to trade goods between the cities, wealth could be shared better and efficiently. They build various canals to make use of this natural highway.

Clear communication through UX, or why user centric design matters in Enterprise Mobility

n traditional Enterprises UX has always been the ugly stepchild. Business and Technical requirements always have taken precedence. Actual user testing and validated was always something that was done at the end of the project.

After spending 4 million on the project, its main purpose was accepting testing, not even user testing. Are all the requirements met and can the business process be executed?