Bayini can drive your projects through the most demanding phases to come up with cutting edge solutions in the field of mobile development.

Bayini is people

Bayini is a company founded by distinctive members of the mobile development community with proven track records. We have accumulated great knowledge of mobile solution development and we wish to help our clients build highest grade mobile applications and solutions.

Combined with our burning passion for the mobile platforms this gives us the great potential to innovate and execute the most demanding projects for top-profile clients. We are able to oversee any mobile development project, and with that we will always stay alert to make our clients aware of new business opportunities or threats in their existing activities.

We are always focused on the most advanced mobile initiatives to keep advantage in this fast moving field of development.

Together the Executive team provides over 40 years of experience in all fields of the Mobile industry (Covering Enterprise, Consumer, Infrastructure, Design and Development)

Team with passion

Bayini has been created out of passion for delivering the highest quality applications. Each stakeholder brings a unique perspective to the organization, which is based on years of experience and underlined by a successful track record within the mobile space.

This provides Bayini with a unique perspective on the mobile market and allows the company to operate on all possible levels our customers demand. Whether it’s from defining a Mobile Strategy, building a game, to supporting an implemented mobile solution.

The combined expertise within the community is one of the key factors providing a competitive edge competing in mobile development market.

Community with knowledge

A growing number of certified experts, trained with the right skills and know-how, are sharing their knowledge, offering services and looking for development opportunities in Bayini Developer Community.

Bayini is guiding these experts with changing customer demands and service offerings that are available through specialized training and guidance.

Check Bayini Developer website to get more information about Bayini Developer Community.

Because we don’t only want to keep our promise, but also ensure you can keep your promises. We know it’s not only about the product, the app, the service…

Bayini delivers on time

We are proud to stand out as an international team of experts. Our diverse background allows us to see things from different perspectives, but still keep united for a common goal. This also reflects in our approach to business – a strong commitment towards our customers and a drive for joint success.

Bayini works 24/7 with a worldwide team to ensure we keep your promise and ensure to keep the right momentum and excitement about what we’re accomplishing together.

It’s about clear communication and expectations.


Bayini’s mission is to create meaningful and inspiring solutions for Mobile and IoT, solutions that are a pleasure to use, effective and add real value.


To create a truly meaningful solution, we put the individual first; building an experience that is centred on his needs and behaviour.

Using Behavioural Design, User Experience Design and stimulating visual design, the solution will help and assist the users with what he wants to accomplish.

Using progressive development of the solutions, we allow them to evolve over time to be the best fitted tool for the job.


We value leadership by action and example, driven by inspiration, creativity and applied knowledge. Working together as a team on the same goal with unique and talented individuals.