New Roads, New Empires. Why Mobility matters so much.

Humans have evolved not only through genetics, but the last 10.000 years for a greater part through their inventions. One of their most important inventions that brings great change and new prosperity is creating better infrastructures.

One of the earliest documented examples of this is in the Euphrates/Tigris delta, where humans started using ‘boats’ on the rivers to transport goods between cities. By being able to trade goods between the cities, wealth could be shared better and more efficiently. They build various canals to make use of this natural highway.

The Romans took it a step further and build an empire on their infrastructure; the roman roads are responsible of ensuring the Empire could maintain its power on such a vast land, allowing troops and goods to be transported fast an reliably over great distances.

Through the rest of history, the increasing efficiency and distance that infrastructures could cover have kept accelerating the economy by increased speed and volume of trade.

There is a common theme from the past. Those who dared to use the new infrastructures the first, didn’t know what they might expect on the other side (remember Columbus), but those leaders always paved the way and showed the new possibilities.

Infrastructures are always about better matching supply and demand. The better the infrastructure, the more efficient supply and demand can be met and the greater wealth can be generated.

With the introduction of Mobility there is now an infrastructure in place that is complete from a human perspective. While it might not transport goods, it does allow Supply and Demand to be matched, it’s ubiquitous and instantaneously. Not even the computer connected Internet achieved that reach and penetration.

So as new infrastructures allowed previous Empires to blossom, mobility brings a new way of conducting your business and will be accelerating developments even more as the Internet.  How that might look like will not always be clear when you start your voyage on this new road, but one thing is clear; it will bring new wealth and prosperity to those who thread on the path early and follow the leaders.

Bayini has been on the path for a long while and travelled forth and back; to bring the news of the great new country and we’re happy to take you on-board for your journey.

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